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Antlers are 90% Minerals! A Small Amount Goes a LONG Way.

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Antler Minerals and Supplements

Many of the animals you see in our photos were attracted and supplemented with our antler minerals. Antlers are 90% minerals!  The more minerals they eat, the Larger their antlers become. Feeding our minerals year after year will get the best results.

Antler Minerals for antlered animals attract game and grow larger antlers; these antlers obtain more mass, points, and length. The minerals also help grow larger, stronger bones and are fed on most of our property, 50 years of veterinary research goes into each bag. Dr. George Vogt wildlife researcher found and "shed" deer and elk Antlers and ground them up and fed them to animals in pins. Then Dr. Vogt analyzed the "shed" antlers and established a formula very close to the same ingredients that were taken from the animals original antlers.  This formula only uses fresh non organic ingredients taken from fresh non organic digestible minerals when the doctor fed these minerals to animals, the results were astonishing, and some grew 30% larger. These formulated minerals are perhaps the very best attractants to the animals in the world.

You may obtain these new minerals from us in mail order or appointment for delivery in Houston or Laredo Texas. You may order via phone, the number 713-539-9340 with a visa card or mail in your order with a check or money order. A weekend hunt package of two pounds is $20, delivered via mail to your door or a 15 pound seasoned package is $44.95, delivered to your door. Season package three boxes of 15 lbs each delivered at bargain price of $129.95. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Larger amounts than 50 pound bags can be picked up or if you buy a half ton or more, we can deliver it to your location for a nominal cost.

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