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Active Deer & Elk Hunting and More!

Let the LAREDO HUNT CLUB in Houston, Texas, be of assistance in Canada or Texas for elk and deer, if you want to go for challenging deer hunting and elk hunting sessions. We hunt in Canada, Texas, and Mexico. We offer miles of lush hunting grounds with thick brush and timber that gives you the feel of being in a primeval forest. You have the choice to go for high fence preserve or open range elk hunts. You may also opt to use a bow or a rifle.  We accommodate large groups of 8–10 people and we provide a variety of hunt packages: All licenses and tags are extra as they fluctuate annually.

• Elk Guaranteed, No Elk/No Pay ($4995) • Big Canada White Tail – Indian Lands ($4995) • Bear (Black) – Canada ($3495)
• Mule Deer – High Fence (200 Score, Call) 
• Mule Deer – Mexico - Price Upon Request
• Whitetail Deer – Preserve 170 Inch Opportunity ($4995)
• Exotic, Nelgi, Audad, plus 40 other species POR
• Whitewings & Doves – Mexico ($1495)
• Wild Quail, Doves, & Possible Waterfowl ($1995)
• Moose – Up to 63 inches ($6500)
• Whitetail Deer – Mexico – Open
  Range Bow ($2,995)
• Wild Quail, Doves, & Possible Waterfowl ($1995)  

• Turkeys, Rio Grande, plus Varmints ($1495)
• Gesse & Ducks – Canada ($1995)

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100% Guaranteed Opportunity. No shot. Come Back And Hunt Free With Only A Daily Fee.

Bring 4 at normal price and you hunt for half price.
Bring 8 at normal price and you hunt free

For a 150-160 SCI gross buck in Mexico or a 6x6 bull in Canada or Texas with 300-350 SCI gross, the price is $4995. We have larger animals at slightly higher prices. 

No Shoot, No Pay For Preserve Elk Only

We guarantee hunts. If you don't shoot anything, you don't have to pay us any trophy fee.

 License and Tags fluctuate in prices annually and only the hunters may own them. We will assist your purchases.

Call us and fill out this for to contact us.

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